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Toiles de Jouy D├ęcoration

Visit la boutique and the Workshop in Jouy-en-Josas

Custodian of the biggest brands in fabrics and wallpapers (6,000 references and ideas for decor!) the shop, 20 minutes from Paris, also offers a large collection of objects, gifts and accessories (trimming, lampshades, tablecloths), tailored items (curtains, cushions, mattresses) home dressing ( curtains, cushions, bedcovers), repairs (seats, armchairs, settees) or the installation of wall hangings can be entrusted to the workshop, where our team of talented Interior designers will exercise their skills.

Discover la boutique at Jouy-en-Josas

Toiles de Jouy l'Authentique

Enter the Universe of Toile de Jouy authentique

Perpetuating the designs that we inherited from the eighteenth century, we revisit them, developing the designs for more contemporary tastes with a collection of coordinating fabrics that are both trendy and modern. Don't forget our exterior creations that punctuate our gardens in the exquisite style of Toile de Jouy.

Discover the different fabrics

Toiles de Jouy Shopping

Purchase online your fabrics and decorative objects

Find all of our fabrics (authentic and contemporary) and charming decorative objects all with the Toile de Jouy theme...and order them online! A few simple clicks are sufficient to brighten your home decor forever. You will only have one problem: that of choice!

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